About Us

Learn about our motivations and what we provide to the music & art lovers!

We are currently in a world where every single one of us is feeling the same mixed emotions.

Panic. Fear. Sadness.

And on the other hand,

Comfort. Hope. Love.

Although, we feel like the world has gone silent.

There is still one true constant, continuing to unite and bring a shimmer of happiness to all of us.


Now, more than ever, we turn to the arts to carry us through these dark times.

As UR-Music & Arts we are here to provide you with an experience to do just that.

What we do is simple and important.

UR-Music & Arts functions as a remote theater that brings creators, such as musicians, artists, and other industry professionals together with individuals that are curious and appreciate the arts and culture. Through these experiences and interactions, we enrich and empower our audience.

Meet the Orchestrators

Two men. One goal—enrich the lives of others.

Simeon Morrow

An entrepreneur with music at his core, Simeon Morrow leads by example in the arts industry. His vast network of cultural contacts that spans worldwide has set up tremendous opportunities for him. From Europe to Latin America, Simeon has changed the lives and paved the way for the aspiring youth. Over the past decade he has worked with many young musicians in Latin America. Specifically, those that come from low-income and gang-contested neighborhoods. Working with these young creatives led to many rewarding moments—for both him and the students of music that were able to express themselves creatively.

Juan Urrea

Juan Urrea has spent the last six years connecting young athletes from Latin America with others around the world. Together they compete and create a global family. His passion for uniting people through experiences and enriching their lives to become better versions of themselves, led him to create his company—Individuo. An organization dedicated to offering real-life experiences for people to learn, be challenged and feel empowered; whether it be through education or adventure.

UR-Music & Arts Mission

The duo found themselves working towards a similar goal through different channels of experience and expression. Together, they have made it their mission to develop human capital through music and the arts. The company exists to enrich global society by showcasing humanity’s handcrafted jewels—the arts. Artists and their gift are an essential service to everyone. We strip down the worldly definition of theatre. No glam, no star treatment, no fame. Just the arts with the world as its stage.

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